Wednesday, June 19, 2013

“But the beauty is in the walking -- we are betrayed by destinations."

One of Ben's sisters, one of his brothers and his brother's fiancée, as well as his parents made it out for Graduation last week. My mom, Grandma G., dad, Grandma H., and two sisters also made it out. It was a packed house at times but boy was it a blast.

E was probably the most excited to have everyone here. In fact, despite being capable of walking for the past several months, he chose the hour between graduation ending and everyone taking off to graduation dinner to finally decide that walking would be his main mode of transportation.

Don't believe me? Well ... as with pretty much everything else in his life, I caught it on video so I have proof:

I know he purposefully waited for the greatest number of people to be standing around cheering him on as he decided to accomplish this great feat. Mom and dad's cheers of encouragement just wouldn't suffice for a star like E. ... Plus he probably wanted to steal the spotlight from his dad. I think Ben was okay with that.

And, in non-walking news, we discovered how to get E to sit quietly through an entire meal:

I may love those trucks just as much as he does. They seem to have endless entertainment value.


christy said...

So cute! Keep a close eye on those trucks. We used to do the same in restaurants and church until one Sunday when Tristan got upset in sacrament and threw them and they nearly hit people sitting nearby.

Mrs. Mike said...

I can't wait to see him! Soon!