Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hiking a hike

Last weekend was beautiful. "High 60's/Low 70's and sunny", type of beautiful. I wanted to be spontaneous and head over to the coast but Ben, the reasonable and responsible one, reminded me of our church duties so my idea was nixed.

However, Saturday morning he woke up early, got dressed, packed lunches and snacks, fed E and got him dressed then came and woke me up and informed me he'd picked out a hike for us to go on. So ... despite his best efforts, we got out of the house about an hour later. (I really needed to mow the lawn before we did anything and I decided I was too tired to do Apartment Managing things).

We drove North for about an hour and, as we were nearing our destination, E finally fell asleep for a quick nap. About 20 minutes later we pulled onto a gravel road and arrived at the Beaver Lake Trail head.

As we got out and grabbed our gear we realized very quickly that we'd left the baby carrier at home. But we'd driven this far and we weren't just going to turn around and go home. So we set out on our hike, determined to make it to the end. After about 3 minutes we came to the end of the trail and couldn't figure out where it went next so we climbed down some rocks and ate lunch next to the river.


After lunch we headed back to the car and realized we we'd taken the wrong trail which is probably why it ended so quickly and abruptly. So this time, we headed off in the right direction, determined to make it the 2 miles to Beaver Lake and then the 2 miles back. Even if that meant carrying E in a million different positions along the way.

Position #1: 

Position #2:

Position #3:

 Position #4: (and a picture of his scrunchy-face)

 And, my personal favorite, position #5:

Anyone who thinks life gets better as you get older is sorely mistaken. The above picture is proof of that.

I love hikes here. No matter where we go I feel like I am in the middle of a magical and enchanted world. I never get tired of how green it is. 

 Unfortunately, after a bit of walking we came to a point in the trail that had been washed out. We could see where we needed to get to but navigating it with E in our arms seemed too difficult. So, instead of forging on we found a little spot next to the river and took a seat. 

E discovered the wonderfulness of throwing rocks into water. 

Exhibit A: Grabbing a rock

Exhibit B: Throwing a rock (Can you see the rock?)

Exhibit C: Being handed rocks

Exhibit D: Throwing ALL of the rocks you can get your hands on. 

Exhibit E: Posing dramatically

After we exhausted the rock pile we headed back. Keeping E entertained while we walk is quite the task. 

So we played drums on some logs.

Made faces.

Posed for pictures

Stared off at something in the distance

And, the most fun for E, playing in the leaves.


Not quite how we expected the hike to go but it was still a great hike regardless. I'm already missing those beautiful warm days that seem more like a dream after the last few days of clouds and rain. ... Not to mention the fact that next time, without a doubt, we'll definitely be sure to check that someone grabbed the baby carrier before we leave.

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kelsey said...

Fun! I love the picture of E in the leaves.

And I hate forgetting important baby gear. I feel like I do it once per piece of gear per kid, and it's bad enough that I don't forget again, until the next kid.