Sunday, April 21, 2013

28 is great!

It's great to be 28. Or at least I hope it is. I still have most of the year left to find out for sure. 

Luckily the year started out better than I could have asked for. 

Ben came home with beautiful flowers--my favorite! They've made our entire apartment smell wonderful (and girly according to Ben).

E and I made a trip to the zoo between naps. Lucky for him, there were 3 buses in the parking lot when we got there so he was plenty entertained as we walked around. 
Despite E's completely entertainment at watching kids, I made an executive decision to go see the elephants since they are always my favorite. 

As you can see he could care less about the elephant but I thought it was fun!

The only animal he was even remotely interested in was the orangutan, which was sitting right by the glass. I wish I'd gotten it on video because he started barking at it until it was eventually on the other side of the enclosure.

After that we headed home, E took a nap and I got ready for dinner. As soon as Ben got home we took off to Outback up in Bothell. 

 What a difference a year can make! 

Last year on my birthday:

This year on my birthday: 

I cannot believe how little he used to be! I'd forgotten! 

A few other pictures from the evening:

(My favorite picture of the night) We're pals!

My birthday bloomin' onion:

Outback happened to have a special Wednesday menu that made this dinner incredibly affordable. That was a birthday present in and of itself! 

Only 361 days left of being 28: I better take advantage!


Mrs. Mike said...

Oh, I love the "pals" picture, too!

Amanda Kristeen said...

Happy late birthday Brooke! :) Oh my goodness, I'm in love with that picture with his arm around you. So adorable! :)