Monday, January 14, 2013

Adventures in Fondanting

There were marshmallows ... 

And a little bit of powdered sugar.
But I ended up being short so I made some of my own.

Once the powdered sugar was added I kneaded it for a bit.

And then it looked like this.

I thought it was a little soft so I left sealed up in a bag for a couple of days.

It didn't harden up much but I decided to play with with it a bit to experiment.

First test, snowmen. Easy.

Then I decided to play with the colors ... And I made a penguin! I still have some learning to do but this is kind of fun. If it didn't make such a mess I'd probably play with this stuff all day.

1 comment:

Emily Burnette said...

you are amazing! you made your own fondant?! WOW!! And that penguin is too cute!! I'm super impressed!! his party is going to be so adorable :)