Thursday, October 4, 2012

TMI: Baby Poop Version

There, you've been warned ...

Although, now that I've started this post I realize there isn't much more to say besides the title and ... "There was a lot. A LOT!!!"

I guess that's what happens when your kid goes almost a week without anything of that sort. Hmm, now that that's over with I guess I have some clothes to scrub. (insert sarcastic "yay" here).


christy said...

a week?! better feed him some prunes or pear juice=)

mkmk86 said...

I just have to say that i've found using oxi-clean on poopy clothes is awesome! It has to be the powder kind though and not the pre-mixed bottle. Get a bucket and put water in then pour in oxi-clean, wait a min or two for it to dissolve, add clothes making sure they are covered,leave. Go scrub something else. Leaving over night is fine... I may or may not have even left it a few days... Throw it all in the wash- water and all and wash! Ta da! :)