Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Five years, already? Go us!

This post is really late (two and a half weeks late, to be precise) but I think five years is something to celebrate so I want to share our day with all of you!

Seattle was celebrating our anniversary by replicating the overcast day of our wedding. Fortunately, there were no imploding buildings or torrential downpours so it wasn't quite the same as the day we were married. 

In fact, it started out like the several Saturdays before it: Swim Lessons (life jacket safety day)!

It was so cute. E just kicked himself all around the pool in this life-vest. It was so so cute!

After swim lessons we headed downtown to see the King Tut exhibit.

 I'm really glad we went but Ben and I were both a little disappointed they didn't include some of the more famous King Tut items, like his golden sarcophagus.

The audio tour that Ben thought was a waste of money (But I really liked it!)

E was excited to learn about this King Tut fellow and why he was so special.

Hanging out in front of one of the Egyptian pyramids.

Ben said I wasn't allowed to take pictures of things without people in them (because I can just look them up online) but I thought this was really pretty. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do it justice.

 Listening and cuddling with a sleeping little guy.

I spy with my little eye someone named Ben! 

We both thought this gold mask was the coolest thing at the exhibit. Ironically, it didn't even belong to King Tut.

Once we'd made our way through the exhibit and gone through the butterfly house again and stopped to take a few pictures at the Science Center ...

 we drove over to the new Ferris wheel on the pier.

It's quite the view! It'd probably be even more spectacular at night with the city all lit up.

We even got a video of E enjoying The Seattle Great Wheel. It's definitely one of those videos that's only entertaing to Ben and me but it shows how high it goes and it has E in it so ... win/win!

It was fun but kind of awkward and overpriced. We went during a pretty busy time so we had to share our little box with another couple. I guess if you go during less busy business hours you can have it all to yourselves. Oh well.

After the Great Wheel we grabbed a pizza and went home to eat and relax. It was the perfect end to a fun and exciting day celebrating five years together.

Here's to happily ever after!


kelsey said...

Oh my word. I just almost die every time I see those blue eyes and chubby cheeks.

Congratulations on 5 years! I remember exactly where I was when Ben called to tell me he was engaged, and it was a sidewalk in Seattle. Who would've thunk you two would be there 5 years later.

Fran said...

Jay is right. E looks like he understands everything going on around him, he just isn't saying anything.

mkmk86 said...

Wow has it really been five years? Congratulations! Your family is so cute! Haha:-)