Wednesday, August 15, 2012

E (but mostly his parents) Go Rock Climbing

E really wanted to try rock climbing so we joined a few friends this evening at a local park. He couldn't wait to get up the wall but I made him sit and watch the pros do it first.

From this angle it doesn't look all that high ... Besides, he's not afraid of heights!

First he studied his dad's technique.

(I guess I was so in awe over his perfect technique that I completely forgot to get a picture of him actually climbing. Hopefully we'll do it again sometime soon so I can get a real picture.)
Then he carefully watched his mom.

(I don't know how people climb with shoes. It keeps you from using your toes to grab on to things!)

If they can do it, so can he!

Enough watching! Time to do! I think he's got it all figured out... 

(Just in case you're questioning our parenting at this point, no child was left unattended in the taking of this picture and no, we did not let him climb the wall by himself.)

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Fran said...

It looks like he snuck out at night and climbed the wall all by himself.