Tuesday, July 31, 2012

6 months ... And a letter to E

Has it really already been six months since our little guy (who's not that little anymore) was born?

He's getting far too big.


You're growing up too fast. Although, I'd be a lot more okay with your growth if you'd sleep through the night every now and then. You've gone from waking up once a night after 5 or 6 hours to waking up 3 or 4 times a night after only 2 or 3 hours. Needless to say, I am exhausted! Which is why I usually give up on the battle to put you in your crib around 6am. You fall asleep so fast when you're cuddling in bed with your mom and dad. And, while I may be exhausted, your laughter when you wake up around 9 or 10 always makes my day. You've still got a smile that melts my heart and you're learning to laugh more and more. You think the TV is the funniest thing, even when it's just on the menu screen.

In the last couple days we've noticed you really like to watch cars drive by. Every time one zooms past, you straighten your arms and kick your legs. Sometimes you even make this cute little excited sound.

We started feeding you solids foods a month ago. We started with some oatmeal cereal, then green beans and sweet potatoes. You devoured them all without a second glance. Then we decided to give you a little treat and tried bananas. You were not a fan. Not at first anyway. Luckily, we decided to try again the next day and you were much more excited for them. Since then we tried giving you some baby food "turkey and gravy". I've never seen such a disgusted face in my life. We laughed so hard! We tried to feed it to you a few more times but I don't think you've come around to it quite as easily as with the bananas (and honestly, I don't blame you. That stuff tastes like a turkey that was cooked 3 hours too long).

After we got back from our trip to Nauvoo we started having you sleep in your own room. I don't think you liked that very much. You would cry and cry when you saw us walk out. We decided to change the position of your bed so you can't actually see us leave. I think it worked! You've been going to sleep much easier since we did that.

Sometimes it's funny what things make you cry. If you stare too long at an unknown face without seeing someone you recognize, you'll make the saddest face I've ever seen before bursting into tears. While it's sweet, I'm hoping you aren't too afraid of new people. And you've learned to fake cry. Sorry bud, it doesn't work. It just makes me laugh at you instead.

Also, I'm sure you're wondering about the status of that bald spot of yours on the back of your head. I'm happy to report that hair is already starting to fill it in. I think it'll be completely gone in a month or two.

After all this time your dad and I still wonder what's wrong sometimes when you cry but I think we're getting the hang of it. We love seeing you happy and we hate seeing you sad.

I think watching you play with your dad is one of my favorite things.

I hope you know how much I love you and I hope you still let me smother you in kisses and giggle while I'm doing it for years to come.

Happy six months my little.

Love always,
Your mom


Jess and Richard said...

Soren made the must disgusted face ever when I tried to give him some of those pureed meets. They look and smell nasty so I don't blame the babies! I feel your pain on the sleeping at night. Soren slept really well for a month or two and then it got so bad (like E is sleeping now). After his 9 month appointment and confirming that he doesn't need to eat at night we had to do some tough love and now he sleeps through the night. It was hard, but the result is AMAZING!

Heatherboyce8 said...

Wow 6 months already!!! He is so big and still so cute!!

Amanda Kristeen said...

I love the way you've been taking month by month pictures! :) So adorable. ;) Good luck with the sleeping - Deborah's been having a hard time since vacation, so I feel your pain.