Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surprise Utah Trip

We decided at the last minute to take a road trip after my last finals ever were over.  We jumped in the car for a long drive to Utah that we were pretty nervous about, but E was a trooper and it wasn't so bad.

We didn't tell anyone except Keri that we were coming!

Aunt Brinley is so good with E and loves to carry him around, which he likes more than this pic shows.

We drove up to Logan to visit Great-great-grandma Watts.

Grass, eh?

Auntie B and Blue-eyes McGee (not photoshopped).

 How you imagine a 5 generation picture.

Brooke's idea of a 5 generation picture.

We have one where he's looking at the camera but this one makes me laugh more.

At the Bountiful Temple.

Hoping he doesn't spit up.

As you can see, E was quite happy about all the attention.

Rival shirts.

Hanging out with Grandpa.

New best friends that crack him up by jumping around a lot. Too bad Mom and Dad don't have that energy.  Also, bald spot!

Hanging out with Great-grandma.

Excuse me, we received reports that a picture was being taken in this area without me in it.

Carried across to the sandbar while shaded like a little prince.

Nothing to see here.

Old-timey stroller.  Good thing for tetanus shots. 


I've got it, now what?

Matching concentrating faces.

Nice to meet another who shares my affinity for trying to eat things to figure out what they are.

Pre-naptime staring contest.

Bedtime stories before the morning drive back to Seattle.

Our traveling pro signals that he's A-Okay on the ride home.

It was a great trip and all the excitement wore E out.  He seemed so melancholy after we got home that I even googled "baby depression" to see if that was a thing (it's not).  He was just tired.  

After a few days to recover he is now back to his normal smiley self.


Mrs. Mike said...

Oh my goodness. So many comments that I want to make! Ben, your captions crack me up. You guys got so many adorable and funny pictures! I like Brooke's 5 generation picture. I was totally crying while I was watching your surprise video. You should come to Japan and surprise us!

christy said...

So fun! Glad he's a trooper. Now you can visit everyone;)

Brooke-Jean Newman said...

Just making an observation: My husband looks so handsome in that blue button up shirt. Also, I love it when he blogs because he always knows the perfect things to write.