Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trekkin' through the Arboretum

Tests were done for a few days and the sun was shining so I picked Ben up from campus and we went to explore the Arboretum. 

Unfortunately, it was muddy.

Very, very muddy.

But they sky was a beautiful blue.

And Ben thought it would be a fun time to try balancing on a log. I was ready to get a picture of a soaking wet Ben and screaming E. Luckily, Ben's balance was not affected by the extra weight in front.

And E was having a blast seeing everything there is to see in this big world.

Including watching the ducks take off and land in the water.

I can't wait for summer and hiking and swimming and playing in the sun. E will probably be a lot happier when it gets warmer outside too since he gets so bored of our little apartment. But, until then, we'll bundle him up and continue exploring the places nearby. Maybe we'll have to try the Arboretum again when the walkways aren't flooded.


Fran said...

These pictures remind me of a thought I have had. Ben has taken to fatherhood like a duck to water.

kelsey said...

I always love seeing Seattle in your pics.

Cute, cute baby.

Samantha said...

Fran always has the sweetest, most accurate observations!
Brooke you should start posting less positive reviews of having a little baby, so it doesn't make it sound like so much fun.