Monday, May 14, 2012

I survived ... sort of.

I had to teach the first of many Gospel Principle lessons yesterday. I survived. My anxiety level over this new calling, however, has not gone away. In fact, it went up once the lesson was over and I realized I was going to have to feel like a nervous wreck week after week. (or every other week, I guess).

Teaching CTR 6 and Sunbeams was one thing, but this ... blah. I can't even use coloring projects to take up time! Is hangman an appropriate Sunday School activity?


Caitlyn said...

When I was a RS teacher I pretty much just came up with a list of questions and moderated while people in the class answered them, then tied everything up at the end. That way I felt like it wasn't really me teaching, it was all the people in the ward who love to hear themselves talk, ha ha.

Samantha said...

I was just going to say that! Think of yourself as a discussion moderator instead of a teacher. That's the same thing I did in RS too! Go through the lesson and come up with questions that come into your head as you read, and look up answers, and ask the questions and have it be more of a discussion. Those are way more enjoyable lessons usually! Take advantage of the different perspectives. Be prepared for weird comments and learn to field them and turn them into something productive though, haha. You'll be great!