Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I thought I'd post some more pictures to add to Brooke's last post.  Besides cute, cuddly, and hairy, Ethan's adding fun to the adjectives describing him.  He will smile back at you more and even talk back when you coo at him.  Here is how he plays on the blanket.
He starts with a faceplant.

then raises his head up to look around for as long as he can hold it.  Repeat dozens of times.

The bobbing and squirming eventually wiggle him down so he needs to be lifted back up.

Hey, look over there!

Then he tires himself out.  I wonder if his eyes will stay blue.

Brooke has gotten a few comments about a reddish tint to his hair.  I think it depends on the light but he sure looks like a little Irish guy to me in this picture.

Cute smile.

This picture that Maggie caught cracks me up.  Earlier I was complaining that I can't get phone pics because he's too wiggly and they're all blurry.  It really captured the moment perfectly here though.

Ready for a walk outside with new things to look at.

Ha ha! He's a little short for this still.  Don't worry, there's space for him to breathe.

A picture says a thousand words about sleepy Mommy.  She's sure a great mommy!


Jess and Richard said...

So fun, as great and cuddly as the newborn stage, they just get to be sooo much fun! He is so adorable, enjoy every minute, I can't believe how fast it goes!

kelsey said...

Oh my. He's a cutie. I like the arm waving picture...looks like take off. I feel like Brooke. Every time I sit down, I fall asleep, and I'm just getting started with the sleepless nights.

Samantha said...

Dang he is so. cute. I was just thinking how red his hair looks when you addressed it! It looks like a nice auburn color!! I can't wait to meet him.