Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two Months

I wish it was possible for babies to quit growing up so fast but still learn to sleep. I'd say I want time to stop but ... I'm really looking forward to the nights when I don't wake up with E sleeping on my chest and it obvious that I was breastfeeding him at some point but I was too out of it to actually remember how he got there or if he even ate.

Speaking of sleep, last night was rough due to the shots he got as his two month appointment. Other than the shots, the appointment went really well though.

In fact, we were in the room by ourselves for quite awhile waiting for our doctor but E didn't seem to mind one bit. In fact, this is what he did the entire time:

He's now 10lbs 8oz. 
22 inches long.\
Both are about the 18th percentile for his age.

Once the checkup was done it was time for his 2 month shots. I always hate this part because he loves the doctor's office and just loves looking around at all the exciting new scenery. So he is this adorable super happy baby and then ... it's like I'm punishing him for being so good. I hope he doesn't actually think this because I love how cute he is when we're at the doctor's.

Anyway, he got a vaccine that was swallowed as well as a shot in each leg. 

Luckily, his cries weren't as traumatic as last month's. He had the shot and cried but we got him dressed stuck him in his carseat and he looked like this before we even got out of the office: 

 Unfortunately, these shots' effects were a lot longer lasting than the one month shot.

But we all survived the ordeal and we know our little guy is healthy and well.

 Also, related to being two months old, I have some VERY good news: 

On Sunday, his official two month birthday, we went all day long without using the nipple shield! For anyone who has talked to me about breastfeeding, you'll know what a big deal this is.

In fact, I was ecstatic and thought we were done with it for good! Of course, Monday came and no such luck. But we are at the point where we can avoid using the nipple shield about 50 percent of the time which is a lot better than a few days ago. 

My goal is to be rid of it completely by his next doctor's appointment.


Jess and Richard said...

I can't even tell you how many times I have gotten up in the middle of the night to nurse soren and I wake up 2 hours later to discover that I fell asleep and all I can do is hope that he ate so that he won't wake up to eat again as soon as I put him in his bed.

Also, I think it is MEAN that the doctors take so long to come in after they make you strip the baby down in the freezing cold office. :( I can't help but laugh at that picture of him passed out after getting his shots, Soren has the same reaction every time, makes nap time really easy. :)

So glad you are able to start weaning him off the nipple shield. I had to use one too for a while because I got so cracked in the beginning that it got to painful for him to latch on. It is so nice to be off of the shield though. Hurray for making progress!!!

Amanda Kristeen said...

Ditto on all the Dr's office comments. I just took Deborah for her 4 month appt and shots - and there she is, so happy and good when BAM. It's so sad. I hope she doesn't start hating the Dr. too.

PS - your baby is soo cute!

Fran said...

Hooray for all the good news. Now I have a new "Ethan kicking" video I can watch a billion times!

Samantha said...