Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hiking ... sort of.

Last week we met up with some friends to go on a little jaunt around a 1.6 mile loop. Little did we know it was not a stroller friendly trail so we only made it part of the way (probably a quarter of a mile) but it was still fun!

The hardest part was just finding the starting place. We walked around aimlessly for awhile until we finally found the trailhead into "The Enchanted Forest" (which wasn't really all that enchanting but it was still pretty).


And of course I forgot to bring his hat so we made do with our spare BYU beanie that was lying around in the trunk.

One of our first family photos:

Anyone notice anything missing in this picture? (Hint: it's the stomach area)

After a bit we ditched the strollers 

 And made it to Sylvia - the biggest tree in King County

Or it was until it toppled over in 1993. Now it's just a big wide and tall tree trunk missing a good portion of it's top.

B, B & E at the base of Sylvia

Mary, E and their dad's. I can't believe that's how big E is going to be in 6 months!

And one more without the hat - because his hair is just too cool. 

Next time we'll be more prepared as far as hiking goes but we're still new to this whole parenting thing so ... live and learn!

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