Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Showering of Baby Newman

A couple of wonderful gals from our ward threw me a wonderful baby shower this last week.

Thanks Emily and Liz! It was so much fun and absolutely adorable!


The pie layout was beautiful!

And they made Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream pie just for me.

I always feel a little self-conscious when things are so centered around me but everyone that came was so sweet and Emily knows me so well! That oreo pie proved it.

And a few more pictures just because I loved how cute it all looked.

Yep. I'm starting to feel really big even if everyone says how "small" I am. 

As I look over these pictures I'm reminded again and again of how much I love our ward. I've made so many great friends since we moved here and I know that I'll be taken care of if there ever happens to be a need. I can't imagine living so far away from family and having a baby without this sort of support. It seems completely overwhelming. 

Lucky for me, I don't have to worry about that. Instead, my biggest struggle thus far was narrowing down which pictures to include ...

And there are lots of first time and experienced moms in the ward that have either gone through, or are going through, the exact same things I am. It's just nice to know I have so many people to go to when questions come along. 

I actually left off quite a few of the pictures because I already posted them on facebook but it was so fun to be surrounded by so many friends for a few hours. And now that the baby shower is over, Baby N can make his appearance any time. Although, if he'd wait until after this snowstorm passes, I'd really appreciate it.

And, on a random side note, I thought these blocks were adorable so I decided to make them for future Baby N. Also, this letter just so happens to be in his name.

 I'll post the entire block set (which will spell his name) once it's "official". And by official, I think that means on the birth certificate.

We'd probably just decide now but committing to it just seems so surreal. Do we really have the power to name a human being? I still can't fathom being a mom yet. Guess we'll see if things change come "B-Day".


Mrs. Mike said...

I am very jealous of that shower because I LOVE pie!

Caitlyn said...

It looked amazing! I can't wait for him to make an appearance and find out what his name is! Hope you're feeling well, you're on the home stretch!

kelsey said...

So fun. Glad you have a good support network! Wish I could be part of it. :( Can't wait for baby "has an A in his name" to arrive! I think you should make it a word scramble game and give us another letter every few days, and let us guess.

Fran said...

This is such a great looking group of young women! Just like our Brooke!