Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And Another! Plus an update on "How I'm Feeling"

Well, no one has guessed the name yet, although I purposefully posted those letters first since they were also in the other name we were considering. The name we chose and Hans just happen to have several of the same letters. Plus it entertains me to throw people off. Mwahaha (That's my evil laugh for those of you who didn't know I had one). I also figured I should post another letter "just in case" since I'm having contractions about every 5 minutes right now. Luckily, they don't hurt very bad at all. Just a little bit of back pain and then it goes away. Honestly, I'd take this back pain over the stretching muscle/rib pain I've been feeling for the last 6 months any day.

If these contractions go away then I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and we'll figure out how much longer my doctor thinks it'll be before the big day.

I am still crossing my fingers Baby N will wait until Saturday but I told Ben yesterday that things were finally starting to feel "different" so I didn't think he'd actually wait until then. I've also noticed a lot more of those "signs of labor" that we were told to watch for.

Aaah. So crazy.

Anyway, enjoy the letter "E".


Mrs. Mike said...

Ah, Hans was my guess, so never mind.

So exciting!

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christy said...