Thursday, July 28, 2011

I used to blog a lot

What happened?

I think my creative writing thoughts went out the window with Ben's desire to paint. But I miss him painting, even though that usually means our kitchen table is covered with paints and a canvas for weeks at a time. So I'm going to blog today about ...

My pinky!

If you look at a certain branch in my family, whether we look alike or not, we all have something in common.

A crooked pinky.

It's not quite a "C" but it's definitely part of a cursive "I" - not to be mistaken for a lower case "L".

All my fingers are a little crooked but I think those might be from when I used to play basketball every day and come home with jammed/purple and blue fingers. In this, my crooked pinky is unique from its constant companions. I was born with my lovely crooked pinkies. Although, should you wish to know, my left one is a lot worse than my right.

So now you know my family's little secret.

Maybe if your pinky is crooked we're related too.

Now to keep your interest peaked in regards to our blog - Stay tuned for a post about my toes!

Just kidding.

Or am I?


Mrs. Mike said...

It might be pregnancy. I was quite a prolific blogger before Sean came along, and when I was pregnant with him and on bed rest I had all the time in the world to blog, but suddenly I couldn't think of anything to say.

I enjoyed the pinky blog.

I would also enjoy seeing a blog of Ben's paintings. There's an idea for you. :)

Samantha said...

Ah!! I want to see pictures of Ben's artwork, for real!!

Also, funny- "Or am I." The suspense!

I have a toe story for you. My mom's pinky toes, and my brother's pinky toes, and my pinky toes- the toenails grow basically straight up. I can't even paint them. No room b/t nail and skin. Neither of my kids got this.

Also my mom and brother and I- we all have this weird cartilage in our nose that makes a pop when you poke it. HA!

can't wait to see if your baby gets crooked pinkies !:D

Caitlyn said...

The ring finger on my left hand is weird; it's a little crooked and the nail isn't centered. My dad and brother both have an ear that's kind of smushed-looking. Weird, we all have our little asymmetries.