Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Food, Friends and America's Pasttime

Take me out to the ball game.

Ben still has the sticker on the underside of his hat which makes him cool? I didn't exactly understand why he wouldn't let me take it off but ... He's Ben. That's the only explanation anyone really needs.

We finally made it to a Seattle Mariner's game! And we wore our Mariner's gear (which was purchased about an hour before the game started) so we looked like real fans.

Also, Jane really wanted to be in our picture so she made an appearance just above my head. Of course she wanted to play it cool so she made sure not to look at the camera.

Sunset behind the SafeCo Field sign.

And the most unexpected thing happened while we were there. The Mariner's won!!

That alone required documentation. This photo may someday be worth millions if the Mariner's continue playing the way they have been lately.


Hilary said...

That was fun! We were lucky Mariners won and it was sunny!

Benjipups said...

That's because gangsters leave the sticker on their hats so I wanted to blend in so I wouldn't get beat up.

Mrs. Mike said...

Unless you had the wrong sticker on your hat so the gangsters thought you were from a rival gang and then you would get beat up anyway.