Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure

I didn't think I actually had one of these until after having a short conversation with some friends on Thanksgiving about my new pair of jeans.

I'm grateful for Jeans. I was very grateful for my "cute butt" jeans while they lasted and I was even more grateful for my "Skinny leg" jeans. Those jeans are not to be confused with skinny leg jeans. These jeans were perfect. They made my legs look long and slender. Unfortunately, I outgrew them for about two years but I was determined to wear them again because I loved how I felt in them.

Then one day, I pulled them out of storage and they fit. Let's just say they are now on their last leg of life so I was desperate to find another pair I loved as much.

I'm not sure I found ones that can truly replace my favorite pair, but I did find a pair I feel good in and price didn't matter once I put them on and looked in a mirror. It took me a week to realize that's exactly what happened but, jeans are definitely my guilty pleasure. If I could find a pair of jeans that filled the role of my "cute butt" and "skinny leg" jeans ... I'd probably spend a substantial bit of money. I guess it's a good thing I'm so picky when it comes to my leg wear. And it's probably an even better thing I don't really like shopping a whole lot.

And now, because I wrote way too much for only one picture, I give you the a pair of jeans I wouldn't even pay a penny for. In fact, I wouldn't even wear them if someone offered to pay me for it.


Samantha said...

Ah! I hope no one would pay $ for those jeans!

And, good jeans are SO hard to find. I still have yet to find the perfect fitting, long lasting pair. I think I'd pay a good amount for that too but you never know how they fit or how long they last until you buy them really so I can't bring myself to shell out money for them b/c I can't be sure!!

christy said...

why do they have to change the jeans every year? they should keep making them so you can get more later. I have run into this problem with shoes and jeans and makeup colors. so i have learned that if you find something you really love buy extra now, it won't be there in a year or two.

oh and those are the skankiest jeans, EVER! built in thong look, yuck. lol

Benjipups said...

"Probably" spend a substantial amount of money?

Brooke Jean said...

Oh Ben. The amount I paid for my recent pair of Jeans is nothing compared to what I'd be willing to pay if I found the perfect pair of jeans!

Fran said...

What are you talking about? Jeans that make you look good? YOU are the one that makes jeans look good.