Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Party

We went to an 80's themed Halloween Party last night. It was a blast. I even won a trophy for best hair. Anyway, the highlight of the night was listening to the guys sing to a Spice Girls Song:

(It actually sounded a lot better in person but the dancing is what made my night)

So I decided I didn't like the slide-show video and have now uploaded some of my more favorite pictures from the evening and added a bit of commentary.

Princess Leia is my favorite, easy go-to costume:

Princess Leia had a fan: (I am so glad Amber got this picture)

This is my favorite candid shot of the evening:

And what would have been my favorite candid shot if it hadn't been blurry (Yes, we were having a dance party with glow-sticks!):

And then the group shots which we had to break into guys and girls:

(From left to right (back): Ben, Dustin, Adam, Jedd, John, Johnny, Matt, Jeremy (front) Richard, Seth, Kevin, Allen)
(Left to right (back): Leslie, Kathy, Amber, Ricki, Emily, Hilary, Jana (middle) Debbie and Jen (Front) Michelle, Brooke, Sally, Jessica, Ashley)

And .. awesome decorations are awesome which means I had to take a picture of them and post them. Sally and Dustin really went all out with this party:

The wall

The Ceiling (the ceiling is really impressive because usually it's vaulted and they used colored CD cases to make their normal lights more 80's worthy but you can't really tell from this picture)

And, just because I couldn't end my blog with a picture of decorations:

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Adam and Hilary said...

Awesome video so funny! Happy Halloween!