Friday, July 2, 2010

Chantey Singing Anonymous

You thought you had a good Friday night? Well, wait until you see what we did!

But before I tell you the secret I must show you a flier we found. That's right. A songwriting contest for Tugboat themed songs!

So if the title of the blog and the flier above wasn't a big enough hint then maybe this will help you figure it out:

Still nothing? Here's another hint:

Alright, you won't understand until I show you a video. For your viewing pleasure I give you Chantey singing on the Adventuress.

Ben jumped right in. He was very into the singing.

Thanks Jessi for coming to visit and giving us an excuse to find this awesome event. You can always come up again next month and we can go again!

The songs inspired Ben to join a ship. He got right to work doing sailorly things. And no, that's not just his belt .... It's a real ... rope.

I love randomness and this evening was full of it. Hope your Fridays were equally entertaining.


christy said...

yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me...=)

Rachel said...

That looks so fun!

I just glanced at your book list, and saw the author of Princess of the Midnight Ball - Jessica Day George. She lived across the hall from me my freshman year at BYU and was one of my favorite people! I went to her wedding reception. I'm so excited to see her name in print!

jb said...

So much fun - thanks for the great find! I expect you two to enter the tugboat song contest ASAP.

kelsey said...