Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's been going on

Hi Everybody!

I just felt like writing an update from my perspective because the alternative right now is studying and this is the first time in awhile that there is nothing really pressing for me to work on. That means it's likely that this will be the first of several distractions that will lead me to doing nothing school related for the rest of the evening. Let's talk about some distractions.

The weather has been awesome! We have our balcony door open still and it's 10:22pm. School here starts way later than most, Sep 30th, which was a lot of fun having a month off after we moved here but now I'm paying the price by being in school until well into June. I can't wait to spend more time outdoors. After finals are over I need to go bike shopping. We have a bike rack for the car but only one bike that we never use because we both don't want to go riding alone.

I rediscovered reading for fun! I used to say I just didn't have time for pleasure reads but it turns out I was really just wasting time in other ways. Once I started and remembered how it is enjoyable, I found that I made time. The funny thing is, it all started with a non-pleasure read. I thought I should read what I would call "conversation books"-meaning books you read so that you can tell people you read them and have enlightening conversations about them. Somewhere about 3/4 through 1776 I thought, "Hey, I'm not enjoying this at all. I'm not a history buff. I'm only reading this because someone suggested it a few months ago and it sounded like a sophisticated thing to do." So what did I turn to? Fantasy! Ha ha! Now my books often have a dragon on the cover, a map in the first pages, and appendices to explain runes or allomancy or whatnot. I like it because my reading is no longer yet another educational experience and has returned to being an escape into imagination like it was when I was younger. So if you ask me, "Read any good books lately?" I'll reply, "Yep, but you aren't gonna want to talk about them!"

We have to move soon! As managers we have to go down to live on the first floor. Dad is coming to help us move on Memorial Day which is awesome! I'm not excited about the move though. I finally get a 2 day weekend and it will be spent moving. For those who don't know, I've been doing an internship that is Saturdays 9-6 and on Thursday evenings since that's my light-on-classes day. One day weekends are lame! Then I remember how the cows didn't take weekends so I keep complaining, just not to Mom and Dad. So anyway, it's almost time to move again. It's not like I've started packing or preparing in any way, it's just in my mind now so that's a distraction.

Last note: Brooke is awesome! Even when I'm here I'm usually distracted by school work but she takes it in stride and doesn't complain. Then again, maybe that's my ego talking and a lack of my attention is a blessing and I should just get over myself. Well, whether it's easy, hard, or she didn't even notice that I left, she's still awesome.


christy said...

nice to hear from you Ben. i'm looking forward to summer too! no more homework or putting kids to bed when it's still light out.

Brooke Jean said...

Dear Ben: I look forward to our walks to the park that is 1.5 miles away even though there is a park .5 miles away because it's fun spending time with you. That's all.
Love, Brooke

kelsey said...

You're cute. Good to hear from you. Can't believe how busy you are! Internship on Saturdays? Wow.

kelsey said...

And, yes, Brooke is a gem.

Rachel said...

Hi Ben! I don't really have a comment, but I wanted to acknowledge that I read this.