Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Ben-ism

For those of you who don't know - Ben has an aversion to cameras. Yes, this is my fault. I love pictures. I'm extremely paranoid about growing old and forgetting my life so I have been documenting every possible moment since I bought my first digital camera about 5 years ago.

Well a couple of days ago my camera died. Ben and I went to a Best Buy to get an idea for another camera and talk to the sales guys there about the new camera functions, etc. Anyway, while at Best Buy I decided to write down a few camera models I wanted to look up when I got home.

Ben is not very excited about these camera models I want because 1. he doesn't want me back to taking his picture every waking moment of every waking day, and 2. they are kind of expensive.

Well, Just now I was cleaning up all the piles of mail we had on our end table and I found this list I'd made ... as I looked a little closer I noticed Ben had added his own camera idea and price at the end.

My paper now reads:

Canon PowerShot SX120 - $229.99

Canon PowerShot G11 - $499.99

Canon PowerShot S90 - $399.99

Memories in your brain - Priceless (Free)

(I would have just taken a picture of the paper rather than try to describe the whole thing but ... I don't have a camera. Bah).

I love it when I find these little treasures around our apartment! Ben sure knows how to make me laugh.


christy said...

now Ben you know pictures are important you silly boy! and hey those cameras are way cheap.

Rachel said...

Ha ha!

Samantha said...

That sounds just like something William would say!

kelsey said...

Love it.

Janell said...

Tell Ben, that I am living proof that those pictures in your head fade with time! Good luck on your camera shopping.