Thursday, February 11, 2010

Because my last few blog posts have kind of been downers ...

Here is a blog post with some awesomeness added to it.

A Shout Out To Turbo Tax!

Ben and I are able bodies who usually prefer to do things on our own. We avoid asking for help. That especially rings true with taxes. We can sit down and get it done - or so we thought.

Ben filled out the forms and had everything ready to submit but he decided to use Turbo Tax just to see if we were about the same on there as we got filling the forms out ourselves. Well, awhile later and our tax refund has increased by $2100 dollars. wOOt. Yeah. We had to pay $60 to Turbo Tax but I think we are sold for life. We keep expecting the IRS to call us up any minute and tell us to give them their money back.

I guess I should mention that at one point we thought we were actually going to be paying the IRS money so after making that correction and then using Turbo Tax we feel quite pleased with the end result (ecstatic is more like it).


Rachel said...

LOVE Turbo tax.

kelsey said...

Holy Smokes, that's a big difference! And scary that you could have missed out on it. Sold on TurboTax.

christy said...

Love Turbo Tax here too, been using it for several years. worth it.