Monday, January 18, 2010

A Happy Heart

At church yesterday we learned a lot about service, in fact I think the quote on my shirt was actually used. Little did our Sunday School teacher know, we were already all over that.

A few weeks ago Ben signed us up to go help out at a local food bank warehouse (Northwest Harvest) on MLK day since he would have the day off from classes. As the day got closer I think we both sort of wished we would have had the day to just lounge around and relax but then we got there and I was glad we were doing something for the community around us.

We (our group) were able to go through about 30,000 lbs of food. We were sorting food, getting rid of bad food, and making smaller 24 lb. boxes of a variety of foods to distribute to local food banks where people in need can go and find a bit of relief from whatever hardships they face.

We boxed up 14,050 lbs of food in the first 3 hours and then we went to lunch. After lunch we boxed up another 9,000+ lbs. in 2 hours. Talk about a lot of work!

Now that we've been through this process I think I am more aware of things that I can donate in the future when we have a food drive. First, I am going to make sure the food I give isn't expired (Yes, I eat a lot of stuff that some people might think twice about, in terms of expiration, but I don't need to subject other people to my bad eating habits). Second, while vegetables are definitely important ... they really like to put a thing of peanut butter and a couple cans of tuna in each box. So, think a little out of the box before I donate - they really like the unusual items because it makes things more fun. And lastly, even if we can't give much we should definitely try to give a little.

Today was actually really fun and it was definitely better than sitting home all day. It feels good to do good.

Hope you all had a great Martin Luther King Day.


kelsey said...

What a great way to spend the day. I'm inspired.

Janell said...

Good for you! The food bank provides such a great service.