Monday, December 28, 2009

Just a bit about the weather and other things

Ben and I have been discussing this part of the countries lack of snow and the decision is unanimous - As beautiful as it is, winter without snow is AWESOME. I haven't really enjoyed snow since I was about 14 so going without it is all perks. So the moral of the snow story is, it's already tempting us to stay longer than the 4 years of school we are required for.

I also think that the "cloud situation" is a little better this year than most (or just not as bad as people say it is) because we are getting about a weeks worth of sun (or maybe even more) every month. Which is plenty for me if that means we are getting low 50, high 40 degree temperatures.

The only thing I have had a REALLY hard time adjusting to is how early it gets dark here. I mean, when I was going to school at BYU I had days where I would be in Class at 8am and then I would have class and work until about 6 and it would be dark when I got outside. But here, it's a whole different world. At 6 o'clock it feels like the dead of night. As proof of this I will tell you about a night about a month ago:
We were sitting on the couch when I mentioned to Ben I was ready to go to bed (thinking it was maybe 9:30-10:00). When Ben acted shocked at my statement I looked at the clock to see what all the fuss was about and it was only 6:00pm. My internal clock was off by over 3 hours!

Yeah, it's that bad!

Since the winter solstice is over things are getting better but still, it's dark dark by 4:45 - The sunsets tomorrow at 4:26pm, 40 minutes before it would be setting in SLC and it makes a world of difference. That is just not enough day. (Can't wait until Summer when the days are forever long and it stays light outside until 10 or 10:30.)

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now on the weather and daylight of the Seattle area but I'm sure I'll talk about it again before this blog is null and void.


christy said...

i'm sick of the snow usually by feb or march but i'm glad to see it come back the next winter. maybe b/c i grew up with no snow it seems miraculous to me and so pretty and white. i love long days too. i didn't think about days being shorter up north, no good. i also like having seasons. my internal season clock always felt out of sorts when we lived in CA.

kelsey said...

Oh yeah. I had forgotten how early it gets dark there! We got snow in Dallas for Christmas day. That's all I need for the year. Picture perfect Christmas and then it melts away.