Friday, November 27, 2009


This Thanksgiving was probably one of my favorites ever. I got to check off "Make Thanksgiving Dinner" on my 'bucket list'. I brined the turkey for 22 hours and it was SO yummy. I used the brining mix from Williams Sonoma (Thanks co-workers at CPPA for the gift card!) and followed cooking instructions from The Pioneer Women's blog. We were also able to spend the holiday with Tim, Fran, Brinley and my mom. It was fun being a hostess - I have to practice if I'm ever to run a bed and breakfast. Our apartment already feels so empty with Tim and Fran gone that I have a feeling letting my mom and sister leave will be a bit heartbreaking.


Unfortunately, I was in the kitchen all day so I don't have many pictures of the food. Brinley did get my camera for awhile and took some pictures of last minute prep.

There was an accident involving a drinking glass breaking and then a remnant and my foot so I decided sweeping was best for everyone.

I am pretty sure that at this moment I was thinking, "Brinley, I really need to be getting stuff on the table and out of the stove before it burns so hurry and take the picture".

Anyway, I hope everyone else was able to enjoy their thanksgiving and found many reasons to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it was full of good food and family.


Neil and Courtney Anne said...

Yay! I was wondering how your Thanksgiving went. So exciting that you made your own turkey and everything! Nicely done!

Stella Elaine said...

Brooke - so glad you had a good thanksgiving. I think it's really cool that you used your gift card to williams-sonoma for thanksgiving!
Hope all is well, we miss seeing you at the office,