Monday, August 24, 2009

Having Fun at Pineview Dam

On Saturday Kjersty and I finally managed to make our get together happen with all our friends from high school and their families.

Kjersty, Ben and myself got there around 8:30 am to secure a picnic table and prime beach location. The rest of the day was perfect. I thought the weather was ideal. I never really felt too cold after I got out of the water and being in the water (once you were in) wasn't horrible either.

It was so much fun seeing everyone, especially those who I haven't seen for 2 or more years. I am very glad we could make this happen before we move out of Utah for the next 4 years - at least.

Michelle, Lance and their 9 month old baby boy Colter
Rachel, Megan and Megan's 3 girls - Sierra, Ashlyn, and Skylar
I think the funnest part was riding the water weenie. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera with on the boat whenever I was on it so I don't have any action pictures. Oh well.

Even my mom got some boat time ... and some definite sun time. Do you see how red her legs are? Ouch!
Anyway, thanks everyone who came. We had a blast. It couldn't have been as fun without you.

And a big thanks to Jen and her dad Micky (my pseudo Dad throughout all of high school) for bringing their family boat and letting us all take a turn or 2.

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