Thursday, May 28, 2009


This last weekend was a blast. I was able to go swimming, ice skating, have a few picnics, read my book, watch Ben and Cory play tennis, visit the cemetery, and enjoy the company of friends and family.

I made it almost the whole weekend without seeing much sun because it was raining and such. But then Monday - dreaded beautiful Monday. It's the worst when you are perfectly comfortable. You feel like you're getting just enough sun to avoid having to put a sweater on and even when it might get a little hot there is a beautiful breeze to cool you down. What you don't realize is that the sun is baking you alive.

Yeah ... I learned my lesson the hard way. Now I'm trying every remedy on the internet to help the pain. Unfortunately, pictures don't do it justice but my left wrist and hand were very swollen for the last two days. Luckily the swelling is finally going down.

At least I didn't get it as bad as Ben:

(Turns out my camera has a bunch of cool functions that I forgot about so I decided to play around a little and this is what it created).


christy said...

ha ha! nice skin color ben! i have found sarna lotion to help or solarcane burn spray if the aloe doesn't work first..

J said...

Monday was pesky like that. I also got burned, not so bad but still...