Monday, February 2, 2009

My New Exercise Routine - Spinning

I love that the University of Utah sets up classes to keep their employees in shape/healthy. Paying a one time fee for 4 months of exercise is much less daunting then going to the gym and signing a contract and paying monthly fees for x number of years.

The class I am taking this semester is a "Spin" class, also known as, indoor cycling. The reason I decided to sign up for this class verses all the other options was that I had read somewhere that you should definitely bring a water bottle to class. (I know it's an interesting reason to sign up for a class but to me lots of water = good workout).

This class is awesome/insane - depending on my outlook for the day. I never feel like my $60 was a waste and I usually leave the class drenched in sweat. The best part is, the class goes by really fast because I'm having fun. Some people may not agree with me on the fun concept but when I feel like I'm doing something to take care of myself I definitely think of it as fun.

Anyway, I love this new routine and I get to do it 3 times a week. The only thing I don't like about the class is that it hurts my bum a lot - at least it's starting to hurt less and less each time.

Anyway, Happy Monday!


Samantha said...

I should take a class like this. You will be dwindling away to like 90 pounds in no time!!! And able to beat us all up!
What do they do though, I mean you just cycle for an hour, how much variety can there be?

Brooke Jean said...

They have lots of "simulation experiences". If you are at a nice facility they usually have a video playing and you can increase/decrease resistance as is necessary and sprint when a tsunami is coming at you (the tsunami was Ben's idea for an interesting class). But since I am taking it at the U for pretty cheap we get music and someone who tells us when to do what. We ride up hills, race, do all sorts of standing stuff. But yeah. It can be the same from day to day but I like it. Plus my instructor has good taste in music. :)