Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm never flying again -

This is not a real plane crash. Those familiar with the show Lost probably already knew that.

That title is a bit of an overstatement but that's how I am feeling right this second and I don't know when I won't feel that way but I have a feeling my desire to go to Europe will win out my fear of flying - someday.

So, lately I've had a bunch of nightmares about crashing in airplanes or seeing airplanes crash right in front of me. Some of these nightmares are worse than others. Some A LOT worse than others. The worst was when my plane was taking off and something went wrong just after getting off the ground and they tried to avoid hitting something by turning but it didn't do much good and I saw the cement wall coming right towards my window and in my head I was just praying there was an after life and then we hit and things went in slow motion that I prefer not to re-live then everything went black and I woke up pretty freaked out.

Well, that plane crash on the Hudson seriously made me crack. I know everyone made it out safe but reading the news articles and hearing the passengers descriptions of what happened just brought back several of my recent dreams and now I am scared out of my wits every time I hear an airplane flying overhead and I'm even more wary of actually getting on a plane.

Anyway, I know being freaked out about flying because of a dream is absolutely ridiculous but it's hard to separate my dreams from reality when my emotions during my dreams are so real. I'd just really like to stop having these nightmares now.

So, I am now submitting a formal request to my brain to dream about other things - happy things.

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Lauren Jayne said...

One of the girls on my study abroad HATED/LOATHED/DREADED flying. Not including the flights to and from Europe, we had about five flights throughout our trip and it WAS worth it and she survived! Also, I suggest Melatonin at night time. It is an herbal muscle relaxer and I started taking it at bed time because my brain WILL NOT stop having disturbing dreams. Now I sleep soundly!