Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Presidential Election

I just took a quiz to decide who I should vote for as the next president of the United States. I am having a VERY hard time deciding which politician is going to get my vote; however, after taking the quiz I realized why that was. My theoretical ideal candidate hits 100% on the mark with me - obviously because he is my ideal candidate. The next person on the list, candidate A (which is probably going to be the person I am going to vote for) scores 59% with me. No wonder I can't decide. No one is doing what I want them to do. Oh well.

Now there is one other important person running for president that we will call candidate B ... I know he isn't getting my vote 'cause he hits clear down at 24%. At a whopping 14% comes in Ralph Nader ... so much for the third party option.

On a side note Hilary Clinton came in scoring 36%.

Anyway, No. This quiz isn't my deciding factor but it did help put things in better perspective.

I guess I'll go fill out my ballot tomorrow. Happy Voting.


Amanda Kristeen said...

Yea for voting!! :) I had a really hard time at first too. My ideal candidate wasn't running either.:( I was pretty upset by the whole lack of choices, but then I decided that even though no one fit great, I would just go with who fit closest to my ideas regarding abortion, capitalism, international policies, who has a love for the American people and the dream it represents, and who I feel has the experience to do the job well. There's no Abraham Lincoln running this election, but the more I've studied the candidates the more I've found that McCain is pretty near what I want, and Obama is very far. God bless America! :) Good post Brooke.

Rachel said...

I took a quiz too, and my #1 candidate scored a whopping 18% with me. Apparently I don't agree with the views of anyone who is running. I voted today, but I already wish I had just written in Ron Paul.