Monday, October 20, 2008

New Church Calling

Ben and I officially graduated from our calling on the activities committee (which is really just a place they put you until they think of somewhere else you can serve). I wonder if this will keep me from speaking in sacrament meeting??? I would really like to avoid that for as long as possible, or the rest of my life - whichever comes last.

Anyway, some of you may recall that we were serving as primary teachers in our last ward in Provo. Well we have taken a VERY small step in a different direction. We are now serving as nursery leaders.

This will be interesting.

I wonder if this is how they nudge you into parenthood without you realizing it.


kelsey said...

haha. you're on to the trick.

i love nursery. it's one of my favorite callings, and now as the mother of a nursery age child, i think it is so important. you are doing a special work with those little ones!

christy said...

Cory and I were in nursery when we were first married. I later was nursery leader when I was pregnant with Avery. The first time it was OK, the second time I hated it. I mainly hated it b/c I was very pregnant and didn't want germy kids touching me and Tristan was in there with me and my kids totally act better when I'm not there. I never want to teach my kids' class. I also miss interacting with other people at church. I guess I would have liked it better if Cory had been in there with me the second time around.

Rachel said...

Nursery is great!

Except when you are pregnant. In our ward they release anyone who gets pregnant from nursery.

Samantha said...

Well it's not very subtle, if their goal is nudging, is it?!

I agree with Kelsey though, I am looking so forward to when Zara goes to nursery, so I can pawn her off on whoever is "lucky" enough to be in charge in there, so I can actually go to class and listen and participate, rather than walking the halls with her for 2-3 hours. So I thank nursery leaders in advance.

We are/were on the activities committee here. For the roadshow. The roadshow is blissfully over though, so I'm not sure if we're on the committee anymore. Isn't that interesting for you?

Dan and Holly said...

We are in nursery too! I had always thought that nursery would be a good form of birth control. But, too bad for us I was already pregnant when they called us. Oh well, were still excited for our little girl :)