Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've Got Winter Weather Blues.

So I know that in 4 months I will gladly welcome 50 and 60 degree weather but right now I'm dreading it. I think I'll stay in bed all weekend and make kindly ask Ben to bring me Hot Chocolate every half hour. It's going to be 38 degrees on Saturday. If I could capitalize numbers, 38 would be huge. I am just NOT excited for the next few months of freezing weather. Oh well. Happy Brooke is going into hibernation. Have a good winter.


Samantha said...

Ekh, I know how you feel. I am mostly dreading not having the option of taking Zara outside when she gets fussy, and having to bundle us both up every single time we leave the apartment. Not looking forward to it either. At the same time, I do like living in a 4-season climate, it's not boring, and you get different wardrobes. I like my winter wardrobe way better than my summer one so that's nice too.

Marjorie said...

It hasn't gotten too cold yet here in Chicago but I'm definitely dreading the winter as well. I've been thinking about you this weekend, today is beautiful and wishing you had our weather.

Amanda Kristeen said...

Yaack! Brrrrr.... I agree with you! The winter is just TOO DARN COLD. I am loving the AZ heat. Give me sunshine any day. But before you get jealous, know that I'll be in the MTC for the end of November to January, then head straight over for Chile's fall and winter, which will be VERY COLD I hear.