Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't eat a lot of candy before bed

I experienced a danger that comes with eating a ton of Halloween candy right before going to bed last night. I felt really tired but must have been experiencing a sugar-high in my brain because my mind was racing. I was dead tired but couldn't sleep as my thoughts darted all over. It was a weird feeling. I ended up dreaming I was doing math problems projected as holograms ALL NIGHT. Finally it dawned on me, "Hey, this isn't even real math!" I then looked around and noticed I was in a large cave next to a bottomless pit. I decided I should forget the math (especially because it wasn't even real math) and find my way out of the cave. Then I woke up with a headache.

The moral is, beware the dangers of this season.


christy said...

i can totally relate to this experience, has happened to me many times, not just from sugar though, stress can do it too, or excitement

Will said...

Oh man I hate holographic math!

Caitlyn said...

That diagram is the most awesome thing I've ever seen.