Thursday, October 16, 2008

4 Things - A Tag to make me feel better about having nothing to post about.

Four Random Things I love about my husband:
1. That he loves the “Most Daring” shows (i.e. Wildest police chases, Worst Drivers, etc.)
2. That he pretends to enjoy my favorite TV shows
3. His ability to make me laugh no matter how horrible of a day I have had
4. He kills spiders! (Even if he does it sometimes with a bit of reluctance he is still my hero!)

Four jobs I've had:
1. Subway - Sandwich Artist
2. A Student Cleaning Company – House Cleaner
3. BYU College of Nursing – Financial Assistant
4. UofU Center for Public Policy and Admin. – Admin. Assistant

Four movies I've watched more than once:
1. Two Weeks Notice
2. The Dark Knight
3. Man from Snowy River
4. Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken

Four TV shows I watch:
1. One Tree Hill
2. House
3. Bones
4. The Office

Four places I've been:
1. Seattle
2. Hawaii
3. Bahamas
4. Southern California

Four of my Favorite Foods:
1. Homemade Noodles.
2. Stroganoff
3. Turkey Roast
4. Stuffed Peppers

Four places I would like to visit:
1. Italy!
2. Greece
3. Australia
4. Jamaica

Four Things I'm looking forward to in the upcoming year:
1. Having my student loans paid off!
2. Building up a savings account
3. Ben applying to a grad school of some sort
4. Getting to be around ALL of Ben’s family at Christmas! (I think I’m more excited than he is … Plus, I think I’m just mostly excited for him to finally have all his siblings in one place because I have all mine together all the time.)

Four People I tag:
1. Laura B.
2. Shalyse C.
3. Caitlyn H.
4. Robyn B.
5. Heather B.
6. Anyone who wants to do this ... (I know I did more than 4)

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Samantha said...

I know, I am more excited than William I think. I am excited for him, and his family, but I've never been around his whole family at once, and I just think it will be a blast. I've always had such a great time whenever I'm around the sections of them I've been around, that it must be even better when they're all together, right?