Saturday, July 26, 2008


A week ago my laptop had a crash dump and never restarted. The casualties = all my pictures and videos and files from the last 4 years. I'm bummed. I had my computer backed up a few times but it just got backed up back onto my computer so it didn't really do much good.

There is good news though. The laptop is fixed after having to pay for the entire process and new hard drive since I bought a 3 year warranty from CompUSA, which happened to go out of business shortly after my purchase. Oh and my laptop is now very boring due to the fact that it has nothing on it. The internet won't even work until we can get our landlord over to reinstall the software that allows the computer to access wireless.

Dumb technology .... OH there is hope though. Someday when we have money to spare we can pay $1100 dollars for super tech guys to get the information off the hard drive with special tools or something. Ben was considering doing something to get the FBI to investigate us and retrieve the files for their purposes and then when they realize we are innocent we could just get the files from them for free. Now all we have to do is figure out how to make the FBI interested in us without actually doing anything wrong.


christy said...

just back up your files on cds or dvds. you do not want an fbi investigation. they could probably find a reason to lock up anyone.
what a crap way to learn a lesson. hmmmm. when is the last time cory backed up our pics.

Rachel said...

Oh! That is so sad.

Benjipups said...

Yeah I don't know if putting the files back onto the computer counts as "backing up."

cory said...

Just think how you will be able to look back on your life (except for the 4 years you lost) and laugh about this.

Actually, there's not much to laugh at. I also mourn your loss. but I'm sure you won't have the same problem again in four years, right. I hope you bought a big stack of CDs to go with your new hard drive. And let me tell you about warranties... some other time maybe.

kelsey said...

Oh, no. That's terrible. My computer died last year, and I lost some things and was so, so sad, but it wasn't 4 years of pictures! I'm sorry!