Monday, June 23, 2008

My Phone's Adventure

On Saturday Ben and I went to Lagoon with my mom and two youngest sisters. The day was fun but it ended with a great story.

We got in line for the last ride of the day, The Samurai, at about 9:55. 10 minutes later Keri, my sister, and her friend found us and got in line with us. Finally at 10:35 Ben and I got on the ride. We were the last ones on so my sister and her friend had to wait for the next one. As the safety restraints came down and restricted my arms so that I felt like a T-Rex with a big head and little bitty arms, I realized my phone was starting to inch its way up in my pocket. I pushed the phone down as far as I could and then I held on for dear life while I got whipped around and lost all sense of direction.

The ride soon ended and we came to a stop. The safety restraints were lifted and I soon realized my phone was missing from my pocket. I quickly grasped the idea of never seeing my phone again since we were flying over trees and restrooms during the ride. We went to collect our belongings from the side of the ride when I saw my sister holding my phone up and saying, "Did you lose something?"

Well, I was in shock and the gates opened for her to get on the ride. I soon discovered that my phone had flown from my pocket and pegged some poor guy right in his pectoral muscles. My sister saw the phone hit him and thought it looked like mine so she asked to see it. She opened it up and sure enough Ben's picture was on the inside.

Needless to say, I walked away a very lucky person. I still had my phone and it was still in one working piece thanks to the pain of one very UNlucky individual.


christy said...

you are lucky indeed. i am not. i would be the guy that got hit by it. good for your sister to be observant.

J said...

That's hilarious, hopefully he had a good sense of humor about it.

Samantha said...

It's a good thing you don't carry knives in your pocket.

Lauren Jayne said...

That is a great story!!

Brian Hanks said...

As someone whose pecs have been abused by you for years, all I have to say is - nice shot!