Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our New Apartment

I finally got around to taking pictures of our new apartment thanks to Ben's suggestion, "Just move around the clutter while you take the pictures."

We really like our new apartment! I especially like the kitchen and being able to walk into it without my shoes on. OH and I have only seen one tiny little spider since we moved in. It's like a heaven on earth compared to our old apartment and finding a handful of spiders a day, not to mention all the ants.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Our view out to the beautiful parking lot

Our front room/part of our dining room

Dining room/Kitchen

AND Lastly, our awesome kitchen

So if you are ever in the avenues come stop by and enjoy our new place. We actually want to have people over now! ;)


Rachel said...

It's a delightful apartment in a delightful location. I'm glad we got to see it!

christy said...

next time cory and i head down to the gateway, we'll have to swing by.
looks good. i never saw your place in provo but it sounds better and you even have nice things on the wall and stuff. i'm still working on that.

Samantha said...

You guys, that's so cute! Your kitchen is really nice- it looks big. And you have a dishwasher!! Envy is my middle name! Our new place won't have one. Anyway your place is way cute!! Congrats!! I like your kitchen set too.

Handfuls of spiders?!?!?! I would have moved out immediately!!

kelsey said...

Looks great! I like your couch and your decorating skillz. I wish I could visit! I told Will I was looking at pictures of your apartment and he said, "Bru, Bru."

Brian Hanks said...

Somebody looks like a decorator at heart!