Friday, March 14, 2008

St. Patrick's Day and Graduation are coming

The odd holiday of St. Patty's day is almost here. I don't really have any major memories of St. Patty's day except that my winter bad luck always seemed to end on or very soon after it arrived. (By bad luck I mean lack of boys and relationships). This year I had no such bad luck - YAY! Anyway, the only reason I am posting about St. Patrick's day is that our blog has come to a slight standstill and this picture was the only one I have on my computer at work that I haven't already used.

Anyway, onto difference topic: For those of you who don't know Ben and I will be walking for graduation in April. Even though Ben officially graduated in December I pleaded and the fact that Tim, his dad, already took work off convinced him to join me. So April 24th at 4pm is Convocation where we get to listen to someone talk and then the next day Ben has his department's commencement at 11am and I have mine at 2pm. Yay for being done with undergrad!!! Obviously I am not there yet but the fact that I can start planning for it is quite exciting.


Lauren Jayne said...

Hooray for graduation! I'm walking in April too!!!!!!

Brooke Jean said...

We should have a party!

christy said...

i am so glad i am not in school anymore, so i am so happy for you. if you will be going to grad school, good luck with your continued school days.
maybe we'll come down and watch you walk in your pretty cap and gown.