Monday, February 11, 2008

So you go to BYU?

I have come to realize that my very least favorite conversation goes a bit like this:

Stranger: "So do you go to BYU?"
Me: "Yeah, I like it!"
Stranger: "That's Cool. I'm not smart enough to go there"
Me: ....
Stranger: .....

Ok now ... Why would someone say this? Do you want me to say something like "Nah, you could get in it's easy?" because I definitely don't agree with that, especially if I don't even know the person. I also can't say "Oh, you're smart I'm sure you could get in if you tried" because once again, I don't know the person. And finally, I could respond with "Yeah, you're right! You're dumb. I'm smart! hahahaha" and run away. Unfortunately, this conversation usually takes place on the bus and so I have no where to run away too and I don't know the person so it would be completely assuming to respond in this manner.

This conversation is always so awkward and yet I've found a slight way around the comment.

So, how do I respond? "Oh, you must go to UVSC" ... the answer is always yes.


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christy said...

I would probably say something like,"you could transfer there after you make good grades somewhere else"or i might say"it was easier for me b/c i'm from the east" even though I did have a 3.8 GPA when I transferred there.
it is awkward though. i had a few friends that went there and i really was smarter than them, but i didn't tell them that.

Man o Steel said...

Hi, I'm Neil. I followed you from K's blog.

There's a technique I have for those type of situations. I use this technique most often on dates, but I have found it useful in a variety of situations. It is called outright, boldfaced, and ridicules lies.

Using this technique the conversation would go as follows:

stranger: I'm not smart enough to go there
me: Neither am I. The trick to getting in is to lie on your application and make up some sappy story about how you promised your dying grandmother on her deathbed that you'd go to BYU.
stranger: ...(stunned silence)...
me: if you do do it though, use your aunt or some other relative cause they'll get suspicious with all of these dying grandmothers.
stranger: ...You aren't really--
Me: But DONT try it on harvard though. Everyone over there figured out that trick forever ago. Otherwise, I'd be at Harvard by now.

So, you see that by now the subject of the conversation has moved away from how smart you are and the person is either confused or mildly amused and you'll probably never see them again anyway and so it doesn't really matter either way.