Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Holy War

So the annual holy war took place a couple weekends ago. It was a cold day but luckily we were in the sun so it didn't feel so bad. The whole game we played under par but here are some pictures to highlight the game.

We were the first to score a field goal. The sun was really bright so even though it felt nice it made it hard to watch the game. ... So worth it though.

After we scored our 3rd field goal the U decided to score a touch down with barely anytime left in the game. They lead us by one point with 1 and a half minutes to go. They rejoiced and shrieked and yelled about how they were number one ... But if there was anything to be learned from last year ... it's that the game isn't over until it's over.

It was 4th and 18. We were on the BYU 10(ish) and I thought we were done ... until Max Hall made a pass to Austin collie and they ran down the field! We were in shooting range of a win!
We pushed farther down the field and eventually we got a TOUCHDOWN! Then, to ensure that we would not lose to the U we went for the two extra points and we got them! With only 30 seconds left the ball went back to the U and we knew we'd done it again! We were able to claim another year of bragging rights!

Also, we won the MWC championship and thus we see a rush of people onto the field. This was in moments of the game ending.

As you can see ... within 5 minutes the entire field was covered with the student body of BYU. It was a great day in Cougar Town and Happy Valley!

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kelsey said...

How fun and exciting. I remember a similar game when I was there...BYU came from behind to beat the U with just seconds left. Stanford had its Holy War game with Berkeley last week, and it just now occurs to me that I have no idea who won. I'm obviously not into football.