Thursday, September 27, 2007

Honeymooning in the Bahamas

So our cruise started off with a mandatory emergency drill. We all put on lovely life jackets and trucked up several flights of stairs in order to be lined up in an orderly fashion. The drill went great, but I am assuming that if there was ever an actual emergency people would be pushed overboard, trampled to death, and much less willing to listen to those telling us which way to go. The picture below is to help demonstrate the emotion that would take place if there was an actual emergency.

Our first stop after an exciting day on the ocean was Nassau, Bahamas. We spent some time going to jewelry shops haggling prices on diamonds. Turns out when people cruise they buy jewelry. The interesting thing about this phenomenon is that the prices are much higher than anywhere I have ever seen.

Our success story: We were able to haggle a .56 carat diamond with TERRIBLE quality and color down from $4,600 to about $1,600.

After we had some fun with the jewelers we decided to take a riverboat down stream a ways to visit the well known "Atlantis". We couldn't find the famous water park so we just wandered the gardens and the inside of the hotel. After awhile we stumbled upon an aquarium. And we noticed a HUGE sting ray inside ...

Here are a few pictures of the sting ray:

After wandering through the hotel we decided to head to the beach. Everything about the beach was amazing. The sand was so soft that as soon as we stepped onto it I had to take my shoes off to fully enjoy it. The water was perfect. Cool enough that it felt great after being in the humid hot sun but warm enough that I was never cold. If it hadn't been for our growling stomachs I think we could have stayed there forever.

After taking a taxi back to the boat we saw this awesome sign and couldn't resist asking someone to take our picture for us!

Our boat: The Majesty of the Seas. She served us well!

One last picture of Nassau before we left.

Our favorite part of coming back to our room each night was the awesome towelnimals we had waiting for us on the bed. We even got to attend a quick presentation on how to make a few of them ... we tried it out when we got back and we just couldn't make our towels look like animals. (Ask Jay, he watched us try) So, if you ever happen to stay with us and you find a heap of a towel on your bed ... use your imagination because it's probably supposed to be a swan or an elephant or a sting ray or something else along those lines.

Our second day we stopped on a privately owned island called Coco Cay. It was REALLY fun. Even though it was raining that day we were still able to enjoy it because we were under water most of the time. Ben got to go snorkeling for the first time and he managed to get blisters on the outside of his feet from his flippers. He said it was worth it though and I agree. Ben is even looking into owning a private pool and putting coral reef in it in order to be able to snorkel every day.

Our last stop before heading back to port was Key West. We were warned to have an "open mind" about it. We never really figured out why. I think we just managed to avoid all the weird places. However, we did come across this awesome statue which made no sense to me but maybe it meant more once you'd gone through the museum it was in front of.

As we wandered Key West we found this awesome photo opp and used the great "Self-Timer" function on my camera to capture a memory of our wedding!

I don't have many pictures of our honeymoon because we left the charger to my camera battery home. Other than that though the honeymoon was perfect. Everything went just as planned and we were able to spend an amazing week relaxing after our few hectic months of planning.

My suggestion: If you ever need to take a break and relax ... a cruise is the way to go. It's cheap, you get fed an incredibly large amount of food (all you can eat, all the time), you get room service at any time of day for free, you never have to make your bed, you always have clean towels, you get some quality entertainment (not to mention not so quality entertainment), you get someone to "turn down your sheets" for you, and you get to better understand how much money you save if you don't drink alcohol.

Six thumbs up!


christy said...

oh fun! cory and i didn't take a honeymoon. we could use one about now.

Rachel said...

Looks like a great time! One of our good friends worked on the water park, Atlantis and they got to go live in Nassau for 9 months. We should have visited them while they were there. Too late!:( I first read this post yesterday and it was the best day of my life because almost everyone blogged! (Please give me a break, I'm on bedrest)